Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up Packages

Package 1


The leaves and fall debris can cause plenty of damage to your lawn through the buildup of disease and fungus. Have your lawn cleaned up and ready for winter so that you can start on the right foot once spring is here.

Package 2


The most comprehensive fall cleanup package that will have your lawn in peak condition to end the year. We will prep your lawn for winter so you and your family can enjoy the spring.

Prices displayed are based on a lawn of 2500 sqft or less. Prices may vary depending on larger lawns.

Green Lawn from lawn care package

Why is a Fall Cleanup Important?

Winter weather in Edmonton is unpredictable at best. A Fall Clean Up is the best way to protect your lawn through the winter months.  We provide all necessary fall services so you can enjoy your time before the snow is here.

Removing all dead debris and cutting your lawn at the right height not only maintains the health of your grass, but prevents critters from making a home within your lawn over winter. Completing a fall aeration and fertilization ensures that your lawn has the necessary nutrients to continue growing healthy and strong in the spring.

Completing a Fall Clean Up ensures that you will have your lawn in the best shape for the winter months. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


We guarantee all of our services! If there are any issues we will always return free of charge to make it right or a money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Our season depends on Edmonton’s weather, yet Fall Clean Up’s can start as early as September 15th. Fall Clean Up’s are based on a first come, first serve basis though, so make sure to book yours early as many people require this service. 

For us to complete your Fall Clean Up services, it is best that all pet droppings, toys, leaves and debris are picked up before we come. We will always give 24 hour notice before we come.

All lawns are put through stress, from foot traffic, kids, pets, and just general use. Fall Clean Up’s provide the remedy to these stressors and will have your lawn ready for all that winter has to offer.

If you have received a fall fertilization, it is recommended that you water your lawn for ten minutes after your fall fertilization has been completed. This will water in the fertilizer and provide the most benefit for your lawn.