Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Season Long" mean?

All of our lawn care applications will cover your lawn for the growing season to help ensure you have a beautiful lawn. All of our programs are based on 5 applications, however if you sign up later in the growing season you may receive fewer visits. All of our package prices will reflect the number of services we have left in our season.

Are your products safe for kids and pets?

Yes, all of our products are safe for both children and pets and only use them when they are needed. However, some products are sticky, so we recommend staying off the lawn until it is dry to avoid tracking. It is recommended to wait 4-6 hours to wait until the product has dried.

Should I clean up my yard first?

For us to complete your lawn application with complete coverage, it is best that all pet droppings, toys, leaves and debris are picked up before we come. We will provide text message notification the day before we come.

When will the season start and end?

Our season depends on Edmonton’s weather, yet our aim is to visit your lawn as soon as the weather allows us. This is normally in late April to early May and the season will conclude in October.

Will I know when you come to complete my service?

Yes! We will make sure to provide you with a text notification the day before we come to complete your service.

My weeds are still persisting? Can you come back?

Yes of course! Some weeds are more persistent and if they exist 10 days after an application, we will return at no charge to take care of them.

When will I have to pay for my services?

If you have purchased an Application Package, payment will be required before services begin. If you have purchased a Spring Clean Up Package payment will be processed after services have been completed.

What if my property is less than 4,000 sq.ft.?

All of our Application Services are based on a property size less than 4,000 sq.ft. If your property is less than 4,000 sq.ft. your property will be the set price. However, if your property is larger than 4,000 sq.ft. a quote will be provided based on your property size.