Overseeding & Humic Acid

Edmonton Overseeding

Have you noticed your lawn starting to thin out and not be its vibrant self? Overseeding brings in new seed to complement your existing lawn and bring back lush turf. When providing overseeding, spot seeding is included to ensure any dry or bare spots will be bursting with life. 

We hold high standards on what seeds are used for your lawn. Only the highest quality seeds will ever be used to fill your lawn with lush, green grass.

Choosing one of our overseeding packages gives your lawn the attention that it needs to become full and vibrant. Excellence is our standard, and we want nothing but the best for our clients.

A hand holding grass seed
Basic Package


Our preliminary package is designed for people with an existing healthy lawn that want help with their weed control and lawn fertilization needs.

Standard Package


Recommended for people with an existing healthy lawn that take pride in their turf. All core nutrients are provided for a weed free lawn and aeration to promote a thicker, healthier yard.

Best Seller
Super Package


The best selling package for lawns that need the extra boost for complete overall health. This package will remove all weeds and transform your lawn into lush green turf.

Prices displayed are based on a lawn of 4000 sqft or less. Prices may vary depending on larger lawns.

What is Humic Acid?

Humic Acid is applied to your lawn as a liquid, and acts as a soil conditioner. This lawn care application makes the difference between a good lawn and an exceptional lawn. 

Edmonton soil has high clay content, which limits the amount of water and nutrients that are available for your lawn. Applying Humic Acid helps to break down the clay, improving overall soil quality. Humic Acid delivers high amounts of organic content to your soil benefitting grass growth. It also helps grass roots to increase their uptake of water and nutrients. 

Applying Humic Acid will have positive lasting effects and improve the soil quality throughout the entire season.

Benefits of Overseeding and Humic Acid

Trusting Live Fast Lawn Care with your overseeding and Humic Acid application will leave your lawn in pristine condition. We have the tools and knowledge to help your yard thrive.

By overseeding and applying Humic Acid to your lawn, you can rest assured knowing that you will have great soil and grass health. Talk to us today about how we can help your lawn.

Lawn Care in Edmonton


The best time to seed your lawn is in late May or early June, allowing the seeds to mature before the heat of summer. The next best time would be in late September or early October for next year’s growth. 

After overseeding, a lawn should be watered for 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, up to 4 weeks. If there is a significant heat event more watering may be needed.

Absolutely! All of our services are guaranteed. We will provide help along the way and if there are any concerns we will make it right.

Yes! Humic Acid is the secret ingredient that separates your lawn from your neighbour’s and will boost the overall health.