Weed Control in Edmonton

Controlling weeds is vital for your lawn to be healthy and strong, which in turn discourages weed resurgence. 

All of our packages are designed to provide you with a weed-free lawn throughout the entire season. We are here to identify weeds in your lawn and control them. No matter the time of year having a single weed on your property is unsightly. At Live Fast Lawn Care we aim to control and eliminate weeds during each and every visit to your property.

Having us on your property ensures that weeds won’t be. A green, healthy and luscious lawn is your expectation and we are here to deliver your weed control in Edmonton.

Spraying weed control in Edmonton
Basic Package


Our preliminary package is designed for people with an existing healthy lawn that want help with their weed control and lawn fertilization needs.

Standard Package


Recommended for people with an existing healthy lawn that take pride in their turf. All core nutrients are provided for a weed free lawn and aeration to promote a thicker, healthier yard.

Best Seller
Super Package


The best selling package for lawns that need the extra boost for complete overall health. This package will remove all weeds and transform your lawn into lush green turf.

Prices displayed are based on a lawn of 4000 sqft or less. Prices may vary depending on larger lawns.

Dandelion - Weed Control in Edmonton

Season Long Weed Control

Season long weed control means that we are visiting your property five times a year. We deliver a high standard of work where each property is inspected and every square foot is covered. Each and every lawn is our priority. If weeds are still present after 14 days, from the last application, we will return to re-apply at no cost. 

Purchasing a season long weed control package takes care of all broadleaf weeds. We will always notify you one day before we arrive on your property, and follow up with an email explaining all services that were completed. We are here to provide you with the lawn of your dreams.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Weed Control Company

Live Fast Lawn Care lives in Edmonton, just like you. We want to provide all our neighbours with lush green lawns without the headache of knowing what weed control to use or even how to use it. Let us apply all of our skills and knowledge on your lawn today.

Give your lawn the love that it deserves, so you can enjoy lush green grass for the entire season.

A green weed free backyard due to weed control


Our lawn applications control the growth of the following weeds: Dandelion, Clover, Bedstraw, Black medick (yellow clover), English daisy, Buttercup, Chickweed, Heal all, Knotweed (ironweed), Orange hawkweed (devil’s paint brush), Plantain, Poison ivy, Ragweed, Shepherd’s purse and Ground ivy (creeping Charlie).

All of our products are child and pet-friendly, however some of our products can track when they are wet so we recommend to stay off the lawn until it is dry, which usually takes a couple of hours.

You should wait 24 hours before watering your lawn. If it does end up raining right after we perform a weed control application, let us know. We will monitor your lawn and in a week’s time, if there are still weeds present, we will come back and perform another application free of charge.

Yes, of course! Some weeds are very persistent and we will always return (free of charge) to help your lawn become a weed free haven.