Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization in Edmonton

Knowing the nutritional needs of your lawn can seem like a difficult task. Live Fast Lawn Care is here to help you with your lawn fertilization needs in Edmonton. Every year your grass will uptake the nutrients from the soil causing a limit in how well your lawn will grow. By supplementing with fertilizer you can ensure your lawn will grow green and healthy.

We provide quality and consistent applications, and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Each property is our priority and we ensure that your lawn will be beautiful all season long.

Fertilization in Edmonton
Basic Package


Our preliminary package is designed for people with an existing healthy lawn that want help with their weed control and lawn fertilization needs.

Standard Package


Recommended for people with an existing healthy lawn that take pride in their turf. All core nutrients are provided for a weed free lawn and aeration to promote a thicker, healthier yard.

Best Seller
Super Package


The best selling package for lawns that need the extra boost for complete overall health. This package will remove all weeds and transform your lawn into lush green turf.

Prices displayed are based on a lawn of 4000 sqft or less. Prices may vary depending on larger lawns.

Dog sitting on green grass

Season Long Fertilization

Season long lawn fertilization means that we are visiting your property five times a year. A high standard of work is to be expected when we arrive on your property as every square inch of your lawn is important.

Purchasing a season long fertilization package takes care of all nutritional needs for your lawn. We will always notify you one day before we arrive on your property, and follow up with an email explaining all services that were completed. 

Depending on the time of year, specific fertilizer will be applied to your lawn for optimal growth. Whether this helps promote root growth in spring, strengthen foliage for summer or prepare for dormancy in winter, you can trust that we will supplement your lawn with the necessary nutrients. We are here to help you achieve your dream lawn.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Lawn Fertilization Company

Live Fast Lawn Care lives in Edmonton, just like you. We want to provide all our neighbours with healthy green lawns without the headache of knowing when or how to use fertilizer. Let us apply all of our skills and knowledge and be who you call for lawn fertilization in Edmonton.

Give your lawn the love that it deserves, so you can enjoy lush green grass for the entire growing season.

Benefits of lawn fertilization in edmonton


Yes, all of our products are safe for both children and pets. However, we do spray for weeds at the same time as we fertilize, so it is recommended to stay off the lawn until it has dried.

When purchasing a season long package we will visit your lawn a minimum of five times throughout the season. This will start in spring (mid April to mid May) and end in the fall (late September or early October). All nutrients will be provided at consistent intervals for a lush, green healthy lawn.

Make sure to water your lawn, allowing all the nutrients to reach the roots. Afterwards, you are more than welcome to trim your lawn. Lawns mowed to 2.5 – 3 inches in height thrive in Edmonton’s climate.

All of our products are child and pet-friendly, however some of our products can track when they are wet so we recommend to stay off the lawn until it is dry, which usually takes a couple of hours.